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As a world-leading R&D hub in nano- and digital technology, imec revolutionizes hyperspectral imaging ‘from the bottom up’. By integrating thin-film spectral filters on the pixels of CMOS image sensors, imec eliminates complex optical camera designs. Making hyperspectral (video) cameras robust, compact and mass-producible. And opening the door to new applications – both in- and outside the lab.

Specim – Spectral imaging made easy. As the world's leading hyperspectral imaging solutions provider, a well-known forerunner, and true pioneer, we provide our customers with the data they can trust, whether in the industrial surrounding, research laboratory, or field. With our help, our customers can achieve their goals, keep their promises, and find new value in their work.

Headwall began with a singular focus on diffractive optics and the unique ability to collect and manage reflected light to become the world's leading supplier of high-performance spectral acquisition instruments and exploitation software.

No other company offers as broad a range of spectral solutions, serving the following key vertical markets:

  • Remote sensing
  • Advanced machine vision
  • Medical and biotechnology

The Company was founded in 2003 after an operational divestiture from the holographic gratings division of Agilent Technologies of Santa Clara, CA.

chii2018 - Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry

Address & Introduction

0A Welcome Address by Perception Park 

0B Welcome Address by Spectronet

01: Sensors & Systems for Multi-/Hyperspectral Imaging

01 Success story - Hyperspectral imaging for seal inspection
02 Specim – System provider for hyperspectral imaging in industry and beyond
03 Multispectral, SWIR and hyperspectral: Next generation of LED illumination
04 The influence of temperature on image quality in NIR / SWIR cameras used in imaging spectrometers
05 Method transferability between multiple hyperspectral sorting systems deployment: An application example
06 Xenics detectors and cameras in hyperspectral systems
07 High spatial resolution hyperspectral camera based on a continuously variable filter
08 LLA Instruments - hyperspectral solutions: What‘s New

02: Hardware, Software & Processing for Multi-/Hyperspectral Imaging

10 User-guided spectral image interpretation without programming
11 Software solution for hyper- and multi-spectral imaging
12 Hybridization of custom bayer matrices: Deployment of this integrated technology for multispectral imaging
13 Development of a common data and analytics infrastructure for various spectral sensors
14 Hyperspectral apps & more
15 Sofradir InGaAs SWIR detectors for hyperspectral applications
16 Enhancing hyperspectral imaging applications through deep learning methods
17 Summary & conclusions of the Collaboration Forum part 1

Workshop 01: Characterization and Evaluation of Multi-/Hyperspectral Imaging Systems

K01 Extension of the EMVA 1288 standard for hyperspectral imaging
W01 Multispectral acquisition systems: radiometric, optical characterization & spectral reproduction
W02 Characterization of Filter-On-Chip CMOS-Sensor systems
W03 Trade-offs, optimization and testing of push-broom hyperspectral system
W04 Preprocessing of multi-and hyperspectral imaging data
W05 Evaluation of superresolution gains for hyperspectral mosaic imagers

Session 03: Multimodal Image Acquisition and Embedded Processing for Multi-/Hyperspectral

18 Multispectral and polarization filters combined with image sensors fabricated in CMOS technology
19 Low-cost mid-infrared hyperspectral imaging
20 Multi-camera embedded systems and miniaturized HSI cameras
21 High-Speed SWIR cameras for hyperspectral Imaging
22 Real-Time spectral imaging for remote sensing, machine vision and life science applications
23 Multispectral and 3D linescan camera applications
24 CAMLIN Photonics and hyperspectral fluorescence lifetime imaging – spatial, spectral, and time -resolved
25 Multispectral imaging for activated bioparticle sorting
26 Application of a Line-Scan Filter-on-Chip hyperspectral camera for inspection of endless supported material

Session 04: Applications for Multi-/Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry

27 Hyperspectral remote sensing for municipal quality assessments
28 Application of tunable Fabry-Pérot interferometers in miniaturized spectral imaging systems
29 State-of-the-art remote sensing for Real-Time identification and quantification of gases and liquids
30 Hyperspectral imaging from UV to MIR
31 MIR hyperspectral-imaging system for microscopic marker free chemical mapping and real-time measurements
32 Sorting of hazardous to health bitter almonds using Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®)
33 Detection of adulteration in powders in agro-industry

Workshop 02: Application of Multi-/Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry, Biology, Medicine and

W06 High resolution hyper-spectral imaging for art conservation - the technical complexity of 600Mpixel images
W07 Anamorphic imaging spectrometer
W08 Hyperspectral and multispectral imaging: End-user needs, markets and trends
W09 From qualitative to quantitative chemical imaging. A new window into process analysis technology

chii2017 - Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry

Welcome Address & Introduction
0A Welcome Address by Perception Park
0B Welcome Address by SpectroNet Collaboration Cluster

Session 1: Industrial Hyperspectral Imaging Applications

01 Hyperspectral imaging for surface inspections
02 Prism-based multi-sensor technology for multi-spectral applications
03 QSorter A Transforming Technology
04 Hyperspectral Analysis for Precision Optical Sorting
05 Method development and industrial prototyping for hyperspectral imaging in the fish processing industry
06 Chemical Imaging Technology in Nut and Dry Fruit Applications
07 Fast multi-spectral, color and 3D measurements using line-scan cameras
08 SCD’s SWIR Detectors For Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) Applications
09 Hyperspectral Imaging in Precision Agriculture
10 Closing the gap in hyperspectral Remote Sensing
11 Hyperspectral applications in real time in the food sector
12 Solution provider for Hyperspectral Imaging applications in industry
13 Terahertz-HSI: industrial perspectives in an emerging technology
14 Embedded vision for 3D measurement, multi-sensor imaging and imaging

Session 2: Innovative Sensors & Systems for Hyperspectral Imaging
15 Key quality parameters in hyperspectral imaging systems for industrial applications
16 Embedded CCI- Chemical Colour Imaging tools for industrial applications
17 Two-Dimensional Image Sensors for Hyperspectral Imaging Applications in VIS and SWIR
18 CMOS based Hyperspectral Imaging
19 Hybridization of Custom Bayer Matrices: emergence of an integrated technology for multispectral imaging.
20 Spectral Sensing with SPM64
22 Industrial Chemical Imaging Applications: From Sorting to Process Analysis
23 High spatial resolution hyperspectral camera based on a continuously variable filter

Session 3: Innovative Software & Solutions for Hyperspectral Imaging

25 Hyperspectral imaging technology in agriculture and food
26 Overview of LLA Instruments GmbH´ s solutions for hyperspectral imaging
27 Hyperspectral imaging camera SDK for data processing
28 Analysis tool for multivariate images and data in industry and science
29 Empower industry to design and deploy machine learning systems
30 Where Spectroscopy and Imaging meet in the middle - from spectrum to solution
31 Sensor Technology for Hyperspectral Imaging
32 Miniaturized high speed hyperspectral camera modules
33 Infrared, thermal imaging and thermography cameras in industrial use
34 Summary & Conclusions of the Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry 2017 (CHII2017)

Training for Hyperspectral Imaging

01 Imaging and Microscopy
02 Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry
03 Hyperspectral Imaging - Problems and Solutions from a Statistical Perspective
04 Hyperspectral Imaging applied in the food industry: Instrumentation, applications and data analysis
05 Snapshot Hyperspectral Imaging: Technology, promise, pittfalls

Workshop: Photonics 4 Sorting (powered by Photonics Austria & Photonics 21)
00 Key Enabling Technology Photonics
01 Latest lighting solutions for hyperspectral imaging applications
02 „Adjustable light steering and light amplification effects with plastic films”
03 LED Line Lights - UV-VIS-NIR-SWIR
04 Advanced Tools for Quality Control and Characterization of Semiconductor and Photovoltaic Devices
05 Developments on Mid-IR Laser Sources
06 NIR LEDs for spectroscopic applications

chii2016 - Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry

Welcome Address & Introduction
0a Welcome Address by Perception Park
0b Welcome Address by Styrian Business Promotion Agency
0c Welcome Address by SpectroNet Collaboration Cluster

Session 1: Industrial Hyperspectral Imaging Applications

01 Spectral Imaging supported Sorting of Construction and Demolition Waste (C&DW)
02 Successful industrial applications of Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT®) in the potato processing industry
03 Current hyperspectral imaging applications and future demands for HSI sensors
04 Lighting Considerations for Spectral Sorting
05 Detection of Fungal Damaged Kernels in Grain Samples using Multispectral Imaging
07 Hyperspectral NIR Sensing combined with Machine Vision for excellence in nutrition, health and safety
08 Smart Hyperspectral Analyzing and Sorting Systems
09 State of the art of UV – MIR spectral imaging: Innovated possibilities and applications
10 ESA’s activities in space-borne Imaging Spectroscopy for Earth Observation
11 Two-Dimensional image sensors for hyperspectral imaging applications in VIS and SWIR

Session 2: Innovative Sensors & Systems for Hyperspectral Imaging

12 Key quality parameters in hyperspectral imaging systems
13 SPECIM FX SERIES - Introduction Video
14 Components for hyperspectral imaging solutions
15 SWIR camera portfolio for hyperspectral imaging
16 High Resolution TDI in Hyper-Spectral Imaging
17 Headwall Hyperspectral Sensor Overview chii 2016
19 Miniaturized hyperspectral imaging camera modules
20 Snapshot hyperspectroscopy for investigations with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
21 Embedded Vision Systems For Visual Intelligence

Session 3: Innovative Software & Solutions for Hyperspectral Imaging

22 Mininiaturized handheld hyperspectral cameras and imagers for mobile applications

23 Analysis tool for multivariate images and data

24 Hyperspectral imaging for food inspection and analysis Opportunities and challenges

25 Modular Processing of Hyperspectral Data

26 Spectral Feature Cameras and Machine Learning in Challenging Industrial Applications

30 Future Developments for Photonic Measurement Engineering and Quality Assurance (PMQA)

Training for Hyperspectral Imaging

01 Spectral Imaging: How to select the most suitable technology for your application

02 Analysis of Hyperspectral Data by Multivariate Data Analysis

03 Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry

04 Machine Learning and Hyperspectral Imaging

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