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As a world-leading R&D hub in nano- and digital technology, imec revolutionizes hyperspectral imaging ‘from the bottom up’. By integrating thin-film spectral filters on the pixels of CMOS image sensors, imec eliminates complex optical camera designs. Making hyperspectral (video) cameras robust, compact and mass-producible. And opening the door to new applications – both in- and outside the lab.

Specim – Spectral imaging made easy. As the world's leading hyperspectral imaging solutions provider, a well-known forerunner, and true pioneer, we provide our customers with the data they can trust, whether in the industrial surrounding, research laboratory, or field. With our help, our customers can achieve their goals, keep their promises, and find new value in their work.

Headwall began with a singular focus on diffractive optics and the unique ability to collect and manage reflected light to become the world's leading supplier of high-performance spectral acquisition instruments and exploitation software.

No other company offers as broad a range of spectral solutions, serving the following key vertical markets:

  • Remote sensing
  • Advanced machine vision
  • Medical and biotechnology

The Company was founded in 2003 after an operational divestiture from the holographic gratings division of Agilent Technologies of Santa Clara, CA.



Perception Park - Hyperspectral Imaging Tools
Perception Park is an Austrian company passionate about Hyperspectral Imaging.  The company’s main focus is on generic and configurable hyperspectral data processing solutions for industrial inline applications. We are committed to delivering the highest performance, extendibility and compatibility. Our plugin concept means that new devices, such as cameras, can be quickly supported. This gives our customers freedom, independence and individuality in their development activities and opens up endless possibilities for new applications while saving development time and money. Our systems are well established in food processing, pharmaceutical, recycling and mining industries.
SpectroNet is an international collaboration cluster for photonical measurement engineering and quality assurance in Germany and worldwide. It expands and supports the activities of its cluster partners in research & development, products & services, marketing & sales as well as education & training projects through open digital collaboration services and the open responsive cluster platform www.spectronet.de.
The Styrian Business Promotion Agency, SFG, is a state owned company dedicated to strengthening and growing the Styrian economy.  The SFG offers targeted services ranging from general support and information to financial consultancy and inward foreign direct investment.  Our specialist areas include subsidies, company re-location/expansion and assistance in selecting attractive commercial property in the region.  We assist in gaining access to training, research and development funds, to networks and innovative financing and to technology and knowledge transfer.  Innovative R&D projects are also supported through a series of national and European funding opportunities.

Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network is the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with international ambitions. A range of different services are offered free of charge by our experts in approx. 600 member organisations, including chambers of commerce and industry, technology centres, universities and development agencies.


At the interface of science, economy, and politics, Human.technology Styria is positioned as the center of gravity of an international region known for innovation and the quality of its services. The members of HTS cover the whole value chain in the life science industry.

The Green Tech Cluster is instrumental in the green innovation and consequent growth of 180 companies and research institutions. Situated in Styria, the green heart of Austria, it forms a hotspot for green technology with 20 global leaders within an hour`s drive away. The cluster provides support for R&D project development, assessment of technology trends and market opportunities and establishing global contacts. The cluster has repeatedly been ranked the world´s no. 1 Environmental Technology Cluster.

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Mobility, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) initiated the establishment of the Austrian technology platform Photonics Austria. The goad was to establish a strong presence on national and international level bringing together representatives from industry and research and to promote the exchange between industry, research and teaching.

The main tasks of Photonics Austria are to ensure the development of national and international research strategies and programmes and to promote crosslinking with European activities.

Experience the latest products, technologies and trend themes of machine vision such asembedded visionhyperspectral imaging and deep learning!

At VISION, you’ll learn all about the innovative possibilities presented by current and upcoming machine-vision technologies. More than 460 world-leading exhibitors will be on hand to unveil the latest systems and components. In no time, you’ll have an overview of key technologies related to Industry 4.0 and automated processes. This top international trade fair will also offer plenty of inspiration in examples of real-world scenarios. Discuss your activities and requirements with the experts and gather ideas for innovative applications.

Life Science Austria (LISA) promotes the life science sector in Austria on the international stage and is the first point of call for enquiries relating to it.  LISA is committed to the development, growth and prosperity of the Austrian life science industries as a leading component of the Austrian economy. On the international front, LISA also works towards Austria itself being a country known worldwide for the excellence of its life science sector.

The European Machine Vision Association EMVA is a non-for-profit and non-commercial association representing the Machine Vision industry in Europe. The association has been founded in 2003 in Barcelona by industry representatives from all over Europe as a network to promote the development and use of machine vision technology.

The EMVA is open for all types of organizations having a stake in machine vision, computer vision, embedded vision or imaging technologies: manufacturers, system and machine builders, integrators, distributors, consultancies, research organizations and academia. All members – as the 100% owners of the association – benefit from the networking, cooperation and the numerous and diverse activities of the EMVA.



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