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5 Nov 2020 - 27 Jan 2021
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Keynote Speakers

Using hyperspectral imaging in agriculture

Dr. Stefan Paulus

Institute of Sugar Beet Research / University of Goettingen

Imaging plants is key to understanding plant response to nutrient deficiency and stress. Sensors like RGB, thermal, 3D and multi- / hyperspectral cameras are used and operate in high throughput in greenhouses and on the field. The smallest changes in the spectrum can be linked to first symptoms of stress and enable early detection and the
possibility to prevent losses in growth and yield. Understanding the plant spectral signature and the smart combination with further sensors measuring the geometry or temperature enables progress in breeding regarding tolerance against diseases and stress. This secures a high level yield output from fields in times of changing climate and increasing demands for a sustainable and efficient agriculture.


IEEE P4001: Towards a Standards for Push-Broom Hyperspectral Imagers

Dr. John R Gilchrist

Chris Durrell, and David Allen

ClydeHSI & Technologyy Ltd., Labsphere Inc, and NIST

Hyperspectral imaging is an innovative and exciting technology that holds incredible diagnostic, scientific and categorization power. Current industry innovation is a testament to the creative power and imagination of the diverse community seeking to optimize this technology. However, fundamental instrument performance is not consistently well characterized, well understood or well represented to suit distinct application endeavors or commercial market expectations. Establishing a common language, technical specification, testing criteria, task-specific recommendations and common data formats are essential to allowing this technology to achieve its true altruistic and economic market potential. In 2018 the IEEE P4001 was formed to facilitate consistent use of terminology, characterization methods and data structures. This talk is a progress report to inform the hyperspectral community of the status of the work to date, the interconnection with other standards and outline the roadmap.


Hyperspectral and multispectral imaging: End-user needs, markets and trends

Dr. Thierry Robin


First introduced for remote observation from satellites and aircraft, spectral imaging is at a turning point in its evolution. With its ability to combine chemical and spatial information,spectral imaging meet the need for low-cost, compact sensors, able to provide advanced measurements in the context of Industry 4.0, food safety and sustainable production.In fact, from bulky and expensive systems, hyperspectral and multispectral cameras are now becoming affordable, easy-to-use and portable tools adapted to on-line or on-field uses from major fields: agriculture, food and beverages, pharmaceutics, machine vision, healthcare etc.

We will present a summary of our Report on Spectral Imaging: current status of the market, end-user applications segments and opportunities, analysis of the trends and main challenges to be addressed in the next years.



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